Never silently lose a customer again.

Join the thousands of web-sites monitored by Appfail and know exactly when and how your site fails. Rapidly discover, diagnose and track critical issues in your web site to maintain customer satisfaction and prevent revenue loss.

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Exception monitoring built for your web site:

Rich failure analytics in our web dashboard.

Instant failure notifications. Wherever you are.

24/7 monitoring.

Appfail tracks every failure experienced by your web-site in production and helps you find, diagnose and fix the issues that matter most.

Track your application's failure history with beautiful charting and give your team unprecendented insight into your web-site's stability.

In a store near you.

Receive instant failure notifications wherever you are with Appfail's apps for Windows 8, Windows Phone and iPhone.

Simply search "appfail" in the Windows Store, Windows Phone Store or Apple App Store, to find and install our application. Or, click here to view in the store.

Works with Azure!

Appfail is fully cloud compatible, meaning that you can plug-in Appfail to monitor your Windows Azure hosted site in no time.

Simply install the Appfail add-on in the Windows Azure Portal and follow the instructions!

Made by developers,
for developers.

"AppFail has been very useful for us, it’s nice to be aware immediately of application failures and to be able to proactively contact end users to inquire about problems they experienced." Nick Silberstein, Programmer, Seattle Fire Department